With the AI Visual inspection machine learning we are here to provide a service to perform the abandoned work in past, we assure the best result.


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R-Vision selects our developed engines such as Cognex, and Halcon engines specifically to your project providing an optimal dedicated vision inspection system.  The image processing engine has its own characteristics. We develop an optimal engine that best suits the project and deliver the optimized visual inspection machine to customer. 
In addition, we provide an annual maintenance service, remote maintenance service so that our customers can use our system without problems and complications. 


R-Vision AI Visual Inspection

R-Vision AI is an image processing system, uses machine learning program. This system analyses good and bad samples and extracts defective parts with maximum accuracy. Until now, many visual inspections have been actively detecting defective products by emphasizing defective items but then this encountered a problem called over-detection and even the setting of the threshold was complicated. R-Vision AI system was born as a solution to this problem. We have introduced a visual inspection system that is closer to the human eye.   Until now, AI is used for separation of fruits which has been considered weak in image processing for the inspection of metal parts with hairlines. 
R-Vision engine part adopts Cognex Vidi to provide a flexible application in combination with VisionPro. 
If you are interested in AI, please feel free to contact us. 

About Evaluation of AI Machine Learning

The first  sample will be evaluated free of charge.

First of all 30 good images are evaluated. You need to send to defective images about the in the same ratio as good samples. The image format supports four formats: TIFF, BMP, JPEG, and PNG, but the we prefer PNG image samples. If it is not possible to adjust lightening and camera work distance you can send us your defective and non-defective products. Contact us for support. You can also receive the service of our partner company CCS. 


R-Vision-I is a new product specializing in the measurement of the inner surface of cylindrical specimens. The shape in the cylinder can be measured without contact using the laser light cutting method.To know the mesaurable size of product contact us.


We respond to the diverse needs of our customers with a wide range of applications.   It covers a wide range of functions required for image processing, such as pattern matching, appearance inspection, and code reading. 

Image Filter

We have a variety of image processing filters, such as Sobel transform, high-pass filter, gaussian filter, etc., to meet various needs.  
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